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The Animare  Studio, a studio located in the state of Ceará. The studio has productions and partnerships with other animation studios and games outside and inside the state, and abroad. Other partners are also agencies and producers.


Animare focuses exclusively on 2D and 3D animation. It started from the dream and idea of the animator, writer, and computer graphics teacher Cláudio Martins. The studio meets a specific demand in the region, realizing own productions or outsourcing to partners.

Claudio Martins is an animation director and screenwriter. In Los Angeles he animated The Hidden in 2018 for BeyondBaroque. In 2019 he directed and wrote Sebastiana an animated short film adapted from the award-winning book Ela tem Olhos de Céu by Socorro Acioli, currently selected at festivals and winner of LAFA(Best Animation - Honorable Mention), EMERGING LENS(Best Animation) , Canadian Oscar qualified) WeMakeFilmes(Best Score) and Paris Independent Films. He created an animated short for UNICEF Africa in 2019 and created the first female character for UNICEF Afghan. He published his first short story on Amazon BR / US. He currently supervising an animation of a 2D children's game and produces the short Passaruga.

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