Different Worlds Connected.

After being dragged by a landslide, a rare whale ends up getting lost and meeting the only being on earth capable of listening to it, an orphan.

A Friendship Story

Looking for decades for a pair, a whale is dragged by a strong current as a result of a thaw and it ends up ending up in a warm and unknown sea. When she wakes up, from the bottom of the sea, she sees a shadow on the surface that looks like a whale moving. She sings her song and no answer, nothing until then. Getting close, it is a small wooden boat, punished by the storm and the sun. Inside, a little boy wakes up frightened by that divine corner that invades his ears. He is scared, but happy, because he has been hearing impaired since birth. Pedrinho doesn't believe what's going on. The two create a connection there, which is interrupted by a surprise attack by firefighters who throw arpoons towards them. The whale runs away diving fast and Pedrinho almost drowns.

Concepts and Stills